Whether you want to tell the story of your brand or show your new product or service, we are definitely the ones you need. We are not tied to one segment and can create commercials almost for each product or service: from a fashion brand to a real estate company.

Commercial Video

Shooting, video editing, color grading and sound
design are included in the price below.

Half Day Shoot


Full Day Shoot


Two Days Shoot


One crew member
1 minute final video

Two crew members
1-3 minute final video
30 second short version

Three crew members
A few final videos 
30 second short version of each

Since each project is unique all prices are approximate. Please contact us to receive a final quote.

I can't say enough kind things about working with Rebel Monkey, every project we have worked on so far has exceeded my expectations! A quality video with a high degree of creative footage capture and editing is the end result you can count on - our clients are always impressed which reflects well upon our firm.

● All the footage is filmed in 4K, 5K or 6K resolution
● 50% down payment
● Rest of the balance is due to be paid when a final video is provided.
● We keep project files for 6 months after a project is closed.
● Additional revisions can be reviewed and accepted during three months after the project is closed.

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