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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Rebel Monkey Production is a video production company with headquarters in the US and Ukraine.

We create high quality video content and provide various types of video editing and visual effects services.


Our Story

Rebel Monkey Productions, established in 2017 in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, began its journey as a small post-production company, catering to local videographers. Since our humble beginnings, we have expanded significantly. With three offices, a team of 32 talented members, and collaborations with esteemed companies such as, Payoneer, Turo, NPD, Semperis, NorthFace, and The Rounds, we have also ventured into the world of filmmaking.

In 2021, we marked a pivotal moment by inaugurating our first international office in the United States. Our video production team now resides there, enabling us to create captivating commercial and corporate videos nationwide.

At Rebel Monkey, growth is ingrained in our DNA. With several exciting film projects on the horizon, a constantly evolving animation team, and ambitious plans to establish new offices in different states, our journey continues to unfold.

Meet The Team

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