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Stanislav Puzdriak

Director, Writer and Producer


Current City:

New York, USA

Date of Birth:

August 2nd, 1993


Stanislav Puzdriak is a talented and accomplished filmmaker, cinematographer, and writer based in New York City. Born on August 2nd, 1993 in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, he has dedicated his career to telling powerful and thought-provoking stories through film.

His directorial debut, "Immigraniada," tackled the complex issue of Ukrainian immigration and was screened in over 10 countries worldwide. He followed this success with his second feature documentary, "Predestination" in 2018.

In 2017, he founded Rebel Monkey, a video production company that specializes in post-production services and the creation of original content such as documentaries and short films. In 2019, he moved to the United States and began working on commercial projects.

In 2021, he began work on his new documentary project, "Tale of the American Dream," which delves into the complexities of the American Dream and its reality. The following year, in 2022, he released critically acclaimed "Defender of Mariupol," which premiered at the Culver City Film Festival in Los Angeles.


Tale of the American Dream (2023)

Mariupol Defender (2022)

I Just Want to be Great (2021)

The film is a powerful exploration of the immigrant experience in the United States. It highlights the many challenges and obstacles that immigrants face, but it also shows the resilience and determination that drives them to succeed.

The film follows the journey of Roman, a 20-year-old Ukrainian warrior who lost a hand and a leg while defending Mariupol in April 2022. Despite his wounds, Roman remains steadfast in his commitment to his country and his cause. After being captured by the russians, Roman is eventually exchanged and travels to the United States to receive new prostheses that will help him return to the frontline.

"I Just Want to Be Great" is a motivational sports documentary that follows the journeys of three athletes as they discover the power of Pilates training. Brandon Graham, an NFL All-Pro Defensive End for the Philadelphia Eagles, Malik Cooper, a sophomore Running Back for Temple University, and Kobe Goode, a pre-teen aspiring quarterback, each find new strength and awareness through their training with Nicole.

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