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The core idea of Rebel Monkey is constant professional growth, improvement of work, and increase in productivity of our team. Projects at different stages are monitored by specific people, allowing increased productivity and completing the project before deadlines.

To provide a full range of services, we keep up with the time and trends and constantly evolve in all areas of post-production.

Wedding Highlight

3-5 Minutes


5-7 Minutes


7-15 Minutes


Video editing, color grading and sound
design are included in price below.

Long-Length Wedding Film

16-90 Minutes


When ordering a highlight plus
a long length film - 20% discount is applied.

Rebel Monkey has saved me! I was dealing with an intense backlog of weddings and commercial work, and over the past 2 years they have significantly helped reduce the amount of editing that I need to do - at a very fair price. Their team of filmmakers and editors is incredibly talented and creative and are willing to work with you to achieve the desired results. I work in Canada and despite the 8000km distance, I know they'll respond to emails quickly, and get the projects completed on time. THEY'RE THE BEST!!

Wedding Highlights

Wedding Movies