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Rebel Mask wide ver.00_00_16_22.Still007.jpg

VFX and Animation

Some videos are good enough on their own, but there are videos that require something else except than just editing. If you want to show some particular features of your product, we will live it up. Our motion designers know exactly how to make your video stand out among the others.

Rebel Sneakers | 3D Product Promo

The glossy look and feel of 3D product animation are actually quite impressive. When designed well, it can make your product appear luxurious and build a positive image for your brand. 

RM_Project 4.00_00_58_15.Still024.jpg

Rebel Headphones | 3D Product Promo

3D video created to showcase our animation skills and how your product can be highlighted in this kind of promo.

Product 3D Animation | Showreel

Animated 3D video can be used to represent the imagination of the creator. This is a great way to give a picture of your new inventions to the audience, to create curiosity among your potential customers about your new product. Convey an impactful marketing message to convert more sales.

RM 3D Promo_30 sec_1x1_clean.00_00_00_00.Still003.jpg
Rebel Mask wide ver.00_00_45_15.Still004.jpg

Rebel Mask


We were adapting, we were
learning, we were creating and now we’re ready to share Rebel Mask with you.


Puzzl helps platforms embed payroll into their product. Through our white-label components, payroll API, internal tools, and 35+ payroll features, we give platforms every piece they need to successfully build and manage a payroll product.

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Tactic ID video 3rd draft.00_00_41_01.Still006.jpg

Tactic ID Mobile | 3D Product Promo

The Tactic ID Mobile is an economical, ergonomic 1064 nm handheld Raman spectrometer with targeted libraries for rapid, non-destructive identification of narcotics, hazardous chemicals and suspicious materials. 

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